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Transactions & Restructuring
Even In the current economic environment there are opportunities for growth. For businesses with robust balance sheets and a steady and predictable cash flow, now is the time to get prepared for the upturn that is sure to come.
To help make your company more robust, consider divesting struggling and non-core assets and take advantage of bargain prices to make acquisitions that will be a good strategic fit come the recovery. If full-blown merger and acquisition is not for you, consider other alternatives. Joint ventures can enable companies to share capital expenditure and risk; asset swaps allow for the exchange of business and assets while cost-sharing mechanisms are a creative way of sharing the costs of core services with multiple users. Be innovative. There’s nothing like corporate belt-tightening for identifying ways to enhance or squeeze more out of your business. In fact, some of the greatest ideas — even the iPod — come out of recession. Consider whether new markets, either internationally or at home, hold better prospects for your business. Fortune, they say, favors the brave — seize the initiative and look for opportunities. KPMG’s transaction teams can help you here. Our firms’ professionals offer ideas, experience, independence and commitment to enable your company to be in position to take advantage of the new environment. On the other hand, these are extraordinary times and you may need to take extraordinary measures. Good clients may have become bad debts. Reliable suppliers no longer able to supply. Banks not lending. From underperforming businesses, to those in distress, KPMG’s restructuring professionals work alongside management, stakeholders and lenders to help make real improvements to cash flow, profit & loss and the corporate balance sheet. We take a hands-on approach to helping you stabilize your business and identify new opportunities to make sustainable changes to your strategy, operations and finances. Brought in early, KPMG firms can: sort out your cash position, help get debt off your balance sheet and deal with financiers identify assets that are not working as well as they might and enhance or divest them look at people, business unit and supply chain efficiencies to help you capitalize on the really valuable parts of the company. Supported by member firm professionals in both corporate finance and transaction services, our restructuring team is here to turn your business around, to help it survive in difficult circumstances and make it a winner. Sometimes, sadly, nothing can be done to resurrect a failing business that has run out of cash. As a last resort, we can ensure stakeholders are fully informed and advise them of the most appropriate option to increase recoveries.

Transaction Services
KPMG’s Transaction Services team is a trusted adviser to many of the world’s leading corporations and financial investors. Our network comprises of 3,500 transaction professionals with M&A advisory skills and experience working with our firms’ clients to preserve and create value in major business transactions.

KPMG’s Transaction Services practice helps clients plan and complete major business transactions. Buying or selling a business or a major asset, undertaking a merger, or performing an IPO can all destroy value unless planned and conducted correctly. Difficulties and risks compound when deals cover multiple jurisdictions. Critical concerns include: finding the right opportunities at the right price securing rock-solid finance obtaining stakeholder buy-in performing timely and robust due diligence aligning deals with strategic business objectives maintaining regulatory compliance realizing business synergies extracting value from business integration. KPMG’s Transaction Services can advise on each of these many aspects. Creating and preserving value
We are not deal principals. Our aim is to create and preserve value for our firms’ clients.