Essay on Advocacy and Mediation

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Individual Paper based on Literature Review 1
Individual Paper based on Literature Review

Individual Paper based on Literature Review

Eva Taylor
University of Phoenix

Woody Patrick
BSHS 440
Advocacy and Mediation
April 22,12

Individual Paper based on Literature Review 2

The information in this paper is a summery of the following web sites that were reviewed by my learning group. The three web sites are dealing with the services that are offered to the communities and special populations that need help. These web site target different areas of the country. From small areas to a big metropolitan area. Very area of our country have a need that needs to be met, we just need to fine a way to met the needs of the less fortunate population. One never knows when one is going to need help because of hard time. The hard times always come when we least expected. The first web site is from the town of Rocky Hill, which has a great deal of social services for the residents of Rocky Hill. Various assistance programs are available for the financially disadvantaged. Services focus on the elderly and disabled residents. For example there is a town emergency assistance, energy assistance, tax relief for the elderly and disabled renter, and food commodity services. Two wheelchair accessible buses on weekdays and Sundays provide transportation for the elderly and residents. Rocky Hill offers crisis intervention and short-term counseling. Not only dose Rocky Hill’s help the elderly and disabled residents they also help the youth. Rocky Hill’s have a youth service division, which offers youth and family therapy. This division addresses the emotional, social and development needs of Rocky Hill children and their families. Counseling services operate on a sliding sale based on family size, income, and ability to pay. The youth and Family services advisory board is comprised of local townspeople educational and business leaders. (

Individual Paper based on Literature Review 3 The City of Springfield has establishing health and human service programs for its residents including information on state and federal assistance. Springfield’s primary health and human services is offered to all of its residents regardless of race, color, religious creeds, national origin, age, sex, disability, sources of income, or sexual orientation. The City of Springfield is linked to national Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Medicine The National Institutes of Health handles Health information such as A-Z index of NIH health resources, clinical trials, health hotlines, MedLineplus, drug information. Along with Grants and Funding Opportunities. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services handles Diseases and Conditions, Safety and Wellness, Drug and Food Information, Disasters and Emergencies, Grants and Funding, Reference Collections, Families and Children, Aging, Specific Populations, Resource Locators, Policies and Regulations. And Medicine it focuses is on Allergies, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Asthma and Blood pressure. The City of Springfield is focused on linking its residents to the National level for help with it local residents. ( services/). Life*Spin programs are for woman who have fallen through the cracks of our social systems and landed on the street. Women that are finding it hard to make ends meet. Are always looking for affordable, independent living situation that both respected her autonomy and supported her needs. LIFE*SPIN staff help with immediate situation by finding a series of short-term options, and in doing so recognized the gaps in long-term solutions to homeless women. LIFE*SPIN began to develop a community-based permanent housing option to provide safe, attractive, supportive and affordable
Individual Paper based on Literature Review 4