Essay on Advocacy: Feminism and Women

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I visited a social justice group called EmpowHERment on November 5th, 2014 at 3-4 pm. It was put together by Joanna Snawder, a director at the Women’s Resource Center and Deputy Title IX Coordinator. This social movement is also coordinated by Angelina Pedroso Center For Diversity and Intercultural Affairs. Having such powerful women coordinate this group develops women’s self-esteem and helps them overcome adversity. The setting was very friendly and opened. We were all sitting in a semi-circle to feel connected instead of disconnected with a feeling of having the “authority” running the show. That alone gave us more power to speak-up. I thought that was a great strategy to get people to talk more openly with a framing solution outlook. Framing solutions is coming up with a plan that the group can help come-up with to help the person meet their goal. That’s exactly what I felt we were doing. As a group we discussed different struggles women face in this society. I feel I should also mention we were asked to say our “adjectives”. Mine was she,her,hers. That is in place because they truly follow the diversity protocol. This program expands opportunities, recognizes success, defines direction, and forms partnerships which are all part of an empowering approach. The topic on Wednesday was about women’s roles. I responded with saying women and their roles vary, depending on the society. In America women are more liberalized than other countries. Most importantly, they’re called roles for a reason, it’s not natural but rather an act. If a man thinks you’re over stepping your feminine boundaries than he’s simply uneducated and not in touch with himself. Another thing that I liked about this organization is how they accept gays and transsexuals that identify themselves as women. There are campaigns for policy change that took place on Friday November 7th, it was called Take Back the Night. I attended and it was basically a feminist movement towards educating victims about the first signs of an abuser, and how we can learn to avoid them. After the event we marched outside and had a bond fire. In line…