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Advocacy For Africa

The combat of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and other diseases are major problems in Africa. Africa is in a state of disaster in which they can’t help themselves with this and other problems. UNICEF and the UN have to help the continent of Africa for them to be able to successfully succeed in solving their long list of problems. Africa has some serious problems, here is a brief list of their grocery list of issues: the eradication of extreme levels poverty and hunger, universal education, gender equality and power to women, decrease child mortality, improving maternal health, fight HIV/ AIDS Malaria and other diseases, ensure environmental sustainability, and global partnership for development (Sunday trust improving life through mdgs the katsina example by Hassan b nagado). Since Africa consists of a majority of 3rd world-class countries, they need all the help they can get from outside governments. A specific location, in which one of these issues is at drastic levels, is AIDS/ HIV in South Africa. The issue of disease in Africa is a major problem. If they don’t get help, a ton of their population will die. Not only will the people die in Africa, they will spread the diseases to other people. This has to be stopped as soon as possible.
This issue is all over the entire continent of Africa, but is largest in South Africa. HIV/ AIDS in South Africa is at a level classified as infestation. Here are the stats for HIV/ AIDS in South Africa; in 2007, according to an UNAIDS report, around 6,000,000 people are infected with the disease. Around 20% of the adult population is also infected with the virus. South Africa has more AIDS/ HIV than any other country in the world. The other 5 countries with such a high prevalence of the disease are all neighbors of South Africa. Around 30% of people in the country of South Africa with advanced HIV/ AIDS, received treatment for it. In 2010, about 300,000 South Africans died from HIV/ AIDS, which was around 50% of all deaths in South Africa were from AIDS/ HIV.
Nelson Mandela was the first black chief executive of South Africa; he was also the first fully elected representative in a democratic election in South Africa. Nelson Mandela created a deal with trade unions that boosted worker productivity and also decreased unemployment. Nelson Mandela showed philosophical flexibility by going from social ideology to a more neutral ideology. Mandela didn’t abide by Robert Mugabe’s lead (four things nelson Mandela did that helped revive the south African economy, which had been battered by apartheid sanctions by Angelo young). Zimbabwe under went a closely related and complicated transition from a minority rule to a majority, and many in South Africa pushed for a similar pattern of land appropriation from Caucasian Zimbabweans under Robert Mugabe (how Mandela helped south African economy by kigli gateway). Nelson Mandela over hauled South Africa’s monetary policies as well.
There is no clear cut way to solving the problems of AIDS in South Africa. South Africa is regarded as the rape capital of the world; they have to make extreme punishment for rape to…