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What is an introduction Paragraph: * The introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of your essay. * It introduces the main idea of your essay. A good opening paragraph captures the interest of your reader and tells why your topic is important.
How Introduction is Composed * The opening Statement = It begins the discussion sets the tone for essay

* The transitions sentence statements = Situates a broader category of the discussion, sets up the subject extends the subject but specifies it as its being narrowed down. It makes a connection from the opening statement to the thesis

* Thesis statement= should address as well answer the assignment “question “the best it can and in doing so assert your argument you wish to demonstrate and prove; or express your critical observation that you wish to explain and demonstrate; or assert your proposal you wish to introduce and enact .

Narrative * What is Narrative: The intentional or unintentional direct or indirect representation employment or hint of a story. Representation of events or a series of events.

* Express an example & Illustration

My dog was bitten by a flea.

Revision * Revision= revision fundamentally refers to a re-examination, reconsideration and alteration of something in order to form a more effective and necessarily improved version

* Revise= different or adjusted perspective to modify and reorganize specific elements, into a more efficient state or