Aerospace Engineering Essay

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Aerospace Engineer Aerospace Engineers have a variety of jobs. They may work from the casual airplane to sending objects out into space. Aerospace engineers who deal with aircrafts are normally title aeronautical engineers, those working with spacecrafts are named astronautical engineers. Such engineers develop technologies that assist in aviation, defense systems, and space exploration. Aeronautical engineers may specialize in a particular type of aerospace product. Aerospace engineers may be experts in aerodynamics, thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, or guidance and control systems. The skills aeronautical engineers posses are becoming more and more valuable in other fields. Their areas of expertise allow them to design many other machines that help make them more efficient. For example, civil engineers help design vehicles with lower air resistance with then increases the fuel efficiency. Aerospace engineers and mechanical engineers have much in common. This job entitles many sacrifices which one may not be aware of. Many engineers are placed into certain positions that make them work odd hours. They may have to synchronize with other engineers half-way across the world therefor forcing them to work throughout the entire night or early in the morning. In order to reach this point one must have worked four to five years to gain their bachelors degree. Melinda Ceccaci stated ”It's four or five short years of intense studying and sheer excruciating pain, but it's going to pay you off for the next forty, fifty, or however many years you decide to work after you graduate.” One should be studious and hard working: it will follow one throughout their life. Advancing civilization and building a better quality of life is what a civil engineer focuses on. Civil engineers are faced with many challenges— population growth, environmental concerns, the technological revolution, and more. They apply the latest concepts in computer aided designs during their projects. Civil engineers are problems solvers, they must be able to meet the needs that a population creates. Many themes will have to be linked to the population as time progresses. This job is very rewarding when it comes to helping to make the world a better place. Civil engineering is divided into seven major divisions of engineering: structural, environmental, geotechnical, water resources, transportation, construction, and urban planning. Without civil engineers one would not be able to do anything today. One wouldn't have roads, running water, the ability to be able to use one’s toilet, the sewer systems, bridges, and airports. when working for an international company it would be very beneficiary to speak multiple languages and be able to understand different