Aesop's Fables Research Paper

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Aesop and his legacy has been kept alive by his famous stories for hundreds of years. Aesop was allegedly born as a slave in Greece around 620 B.C.E. He was short in height but had a quick intelligence making him a danger to his masters at the time (“Aesop’s Fables”). He wrote a total number of 725 fables and these short-stories were originally told for entertainment purposes and to speak out to the government by teaching morals (Horgan). The fables were written in Greek but may not be recorded in the exact words as they were first told (Horgan). Overall, Aesop and his fables helped keep stories alive and shaped the values of society from the tenth century to present-day. The purpose and importance for Aesop’s fables was originally very different from its uses today. In a quote from the article, “Aesop’s Fables”, it states it original purpose: …show more content…
A section in an article said, “...his fables appealed to children greatly due to animals and moral instruction.” (“Aesop’s Fables”). As I stated earlier, during the 19th century, Aesop’s fables were widely used for education for children. This quote from an article supports another quote from a different article in the sense that children are the main audience for these lesson teaching stories. For more proof, this quote from another article states, “Aesop’s Fables belong to children because the concerns of Aesop’s fables make common cause with the condition of childhood. Aesop speaks for the underdog, the common man…” (Lynn). This statement from an article provides a new angle that they help the children survive their childhood. The fables also can boost one’s confidence it one is down and weak. At the end, although the fables were originally to teach society (and government official) some basic values and manners, they were and are later used to bring up future