Aesthetic Interpretation Assignment Essay

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Aesthetic Interpretation Assignment
Latoya Bonkowski
NSG 3001
South University
Dr. Beck

A solid organization is built on a sturdy foundation and the profession of Nursing is no exception. That foundation provides basis for learning, growth and development continuously. The Conceptual Framework Pillars are an invaluable model woven into the development of each nursing student at South University. A solid understanding and commitment of these pillars will enhance what it means to truly be a nurse. The five pillars are caring exhibited by genuinely trying to help others, critical thinking can be displayed by a higher level of thinking and thinking outside of the box, professionalism is demonstrated in the way you represent yourself and treat others, holism in nursing is the mind, body, and spirit and recognizing the role they play in treating the whole person, and communication all play an important role separately and combined they are the core of the nursing discipline.
The pillar of communication is defined as “Communication is a dynamic, complex, interactive circular process by which information is shared between two or more individuals” (South University, 2009). Communication comes in a variety of formats and is not just spoken words. Non verbal cues and written communication are also important ways in which a nurse will communicate on any given day.” Communication is a learned process influenced by an individual’s past experiences, sociocultural background and competency” (South University, 2009) and is a tool that can be improved upon often.
A nurse will communicate with not only patients but the patient’s family, other nurses of a varied level, doctors and physicians on a daily basis and if done effectively the results will be successful. A nurse will communicate and educate through patient teaching with the sick person and their family to ensure that they will be able to successfully provide self care once discharges home. A nurse will communicate and delegate tasks to aides throughout the day to ensure that tasks are completed timely and efficiently. A nurse will communicate with physicians and doctors to ensure orders are clear and follow up or ask for clarification when they are not. A nurse is responsible and trained to watch for clues during all assessments for levels of pain, understanding and compliance.
Communication is a skill that should be worked on often and develops with time. Effective communication skill rank high in importance in the field of nursing as well as other professional and personal relationships. “ Successfully intelligent communicators analyze and adjust to communication styles, learn to give and receive criticism, analyze and make practical use of body language, and work through communication problems”(Katz,2009). A solid understanding of one’s own communication style is beneficial to learning and understanding the communications style that vary from person to person.
Today’s generation relies heavily on modern technologies as a primary form of communication and often lacks the proper skills to communicate appropriately with peers or professionals. Text messages, social media, and other various forms are all types of communications but they lack substance and often stifle the message that is being conveyed leaving the receiver often times without the full context of the message. In a hospital setting for example a nurse with communicate throughout the day with a multitude of people some with similar backgrounds and cultures and often times without. Communication and being culturally competent with aid the nurse with communicating to make sure that the message is received.
I selected a simple photo of two metal cans held together with string to compare the conceptual framework pillar of communication as a constant reminder to be mindful of the message that is being communicated and to whom the message is being received. How often one confuses the