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Effect of Music on Athletes
Kelvin Oppong

Table of Contents Title Page-1 Table of Content-2 Question-3 Background Information-3 Purpose-4 Hypothesis-4 Materials-4 Procedure-5 Table with music-6 Table without music-7 Graph with music- 8 Graph without music-9 Bibliography-10

Question: The question being asked is does music affect the time it will take a boy to run 6 laps around a gym.

Background Information:
Music does many things to the human body, some good and some bad. For instance music can mask unpleasant sounds and feelings in many ways. One way it can mask unpleasant sounds is it can slow down and equalize brain waves. Also is the music you listen to affects the way you breathe and act. The right music can affect an athlete’s performance.
Studies conducted by sports psychologist have determined that music has a great impact on the performance level of an athlete. It has been suggested that the correct type of music can heighten an athlete’s performance by up to twenty percent. For the experiment the author conducted he used ninety-one college students to run several laps while listening to music at a certain elevation.

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to if music will affect the time it takes someone to run six laps around a gym. Hypothesis: If music affects the tempo of a person, then music would decrease the time it takes a boy to run 5 laps around a gym. Materials: * 5 Boys * Timer * Gym * Water * Music Player * Hip Hop Music * Headphones

Procedure: 1. Let the 5 boys run 5 laps without music. 2. Collect my data.

3. Let the 5 boys get a 15 minute break

4. Let them run another 5 laps without music.

5. Collect my data

6. Let the 5 boys get another 15 minute break.

7. Let the 5 boys get another 15 minute break.

8. Collect my data.

9. Let the 5 boys get a 15 minute break.