Affected: Love and Actions Essay

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Head over heels, crazy for, can’t think of anyone else, all that someone needs, love right? Most people think so, even Edmond Rostand, writer of the play Cyrano de Bergerac, seems to think so. The whole play seems to be wrapped around love. There are other components to the play, but the motivation for most of the actions was love. Love has an uncontrollable affect on people and this is shown strongly in Cyrano de Bergerac through the characters of Cyrano, Christian, and Roxane. Love seems to have an uncontrollable affect over Cyrano and his actions throughout Cyrano de Bergerac. It can be seen in his actions towards and for Roxane throughout the play. For example, in the beginning of the play you can tell Cyrano is in love with Roxane, even if he didn’t tell us. He says that she is “most wise; most witty; and most fair,” (40) most people don’t say that about just anyone. However this doesn’t show that love affected his actions. However, when he starts playing the brain in Christian and Roxane’s relationship, then he’s under the influence. After agreeing to help Christian write letters to Roxane he says, “we two make one hero of romance” (85). Who says that? No normal person agrees to trick someone like that, unless they are under the influence of love. Love makes people do crazy things. I think the last bit of proof is in the fact that even after Christian dies Cyrano still doesn’t tell Roxane that he was the one who wrote the letters. That is until the day he dies and he reads “Christians” final letter to Roxane. He waited until the day he died to finally show her. If that’s not love affecting his actions, what is? When it comes to Christian love also has an uncontrollable affect on his actions. This is obvious when looking at how he acted with or without Roxane after meeting her. It was clearly love at first sight, for him. He even said, “I must find some way of meeting her./I am dying of love,” (9) making it clear how he felt about her. However, when his opportunity arises to show her how he feels, he needs to ask Cyrano for help. Christian says that he is “a fool” (84) and wishes to have Cyrano’s wit, although being himself would be the best option. The fact that he is willing to deceive the woman that likes him, just so she doesn’t think of him as a fool, shows that love is making him crazy. Why would anyone think that lying is the best option unless they are being influenced by something they cannot control? Christian was being influenced by love and it was affect his actions strongly. Roxane is another character that love has an uncontrollable affect