Essay on Affiliation And Networing

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It is necessary and wise that a professional (like a nurse) gets associated with and, willingly, self- subordinated to another person or body of persons who are higher-up in the know-how of what it takes to be a successful nurse. "No man is an island" (Donne, J., n.d.). Knowledge is not static and no one knows it all . Nursing practice requires synergy and collaboration for smooth running of the professional routines, nurses should, therefore, network internally and externally to share information. Information and communication go hand-in-hand. " When communication is thorough, accurate, and timely, the department tends to be vibrant and effective" (significance of communication). Significant, in the rational for communication (engender by affiliation and networking) is that one department or person can learn from the other how to handle particular medical situation/s within and outside the organization. To some extent too , affiliation to professional bodies enhances efficiency and effectiveness through regular seminars and workshops as well as monthly subscription with professional journals. The need to share ideas and experiences cannot be over emphasized .
As a nurse leader I will see myself as a student (as well as being a nurse) and obviously will benefit a lot from personal affiliation with professional bodies. For instance, I will gain access to current journals and magazines and I will participate actively in seminars and workshops organized by affiliate professional bodies. I shall encourage the use