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Affirmation Resource Extraction For this debate I am on the affirmation. Before I begin I would like to make a few terms clear. Environment is the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions, or influences. Aggregate is something formed by the conjunction or connection of particles in a whole mass or sum. Resource extraction is industries, processes, procedures, and techniques related to the extraction of natural or other resources. I will begin by talking about clean air, international agreements regarding the environment, and the physical appearance of earth. For my first contention, clean air is very important. In China they have been destroying the environment in order to make more money. This has caused their air to be filled with smog and the people must wear surgical masks so that they don't die or get the diseases. This could all be prevented if the idea of destroying the environment in order to build factories and make money. If we stopped extracting resources then we could protect the air that we are all breathing. We need to think of the boys and girls who do not have a say in what we do here on earth. We need to think of what might happen to all of our descendants. For my second contention, we need to look at our previous international environmental agreements. This is important so that we have integrity and that other countries can trust us. I have a quote from a United Nations agreements:
(a) Review trends in policies and action taken by all countries and international organizations to protect and enhance the environment and to examine how environmental concerns have been incorporated in economic and social policies and planning since the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in 1972,
(b) Assess major environmental problems, risks and opportunities associated with economic activities in all countries,

(c) Make recommendations for further strengthened international co-operative action within a set of priorities to be established by the conference, define the research and development effort required to implement such recommendations, and indicate financial requirements for their implementation, together with a definition of possible sources for such financing, If they believe that they can’t then our treaties with all other countries will start to deteriorate. Our strained relations with Assad and the rest of the Middle East will crumble and our reign as a super power will begin to diminish. This will also cause the world’s economy to fail. This is because all counties work together to sustain trade and keep peace. If we were to be removed from the machine then the economy would not be able to function properly. If the economy does fail then there will