Affirmative Action Outlived Essay

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1. What is meant by “Affirmative Action Outlived”

Affirmative action:

Affirmative action was brought into picture for the uplift of the minorities and women, to provide them with equal opportunities when compared to the better class of non –minorities. With an action being in place the governments are able to provide support to them and build up confidence and courage in them to face the challenges of 21one just struggles for their basic needs but want to move forward in all aspects at a greater pace. By introducing the affirmative action a common myth about the superior class/men being intelligent and stronger has broken and qualified people has replaced it.

Oh yea it has. It was originally projected that affirmative action was going to end racial discrimination and eventually there would be no need for it. I fail to see ANY usefulness of it; it degrades the minority worker by proclaiming that they are there when there was a more qualified person that could have been hired. It degrades the business by lowering output and standards by not hiring the more qualified candidate. Also, it makes other employees work harder to pick up the slack that the AA hire produces.

2. Which minority groups are included as part of this act? a. Blacks b. Women c. White i. Population ii. Number of jobs iii. Employment

3. How does it help them? 4. How are others affected due to this? 5. Your view – has it outlived or