Affluenza: Addiction to Economic Growth Essay

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Affluenza has a direct connection to the health of the environment, which has transformed the United States from a nation that believed in plain living and high thinking into the consumer society. We have more stuff and less time and our quality of life seems to be declining. Affluenza the film shows the materialistic self-satisfying disease of affluenza. First by showing the consumption trends and characteristics changing from generation to generation in a society Second as the mass consumption can both have benefits and pitfalls when it comes to the certain societies? Thirdly, Affluenza is described as an addiction of economic growth, which is shown through advertisements, which increase the mass production, and consumption of the society. The effects of this disease have a direct impact on our families, other countries, and the environment. Affluenza has made an impact in society as an economic concept. Affluenza affects our families because we misplace our time priorities. Instead of taking our time in our families, we work more to buy more worthless products. The products might change as well so it puts more of interest in the consumer. The consumption trends would change and become something else of what you expected it to be. We must then ask ourselves, is this stuff really worth more than out children. We realize that this furthers the relationship with the family, and this causes the generations to be nothing like you wanted it to be or what you have seen in your mind. The film shows how a family can be separated. We tend to spend more time shopping as consumers than we spend with our children as parents. We tend to drift off from familiarities and traditions that we should keep as a family and replace with these materialistic objects. The people get dependent on that certain product causing the separation of the family.
Affluenza is a global infection as well as a split on our families. It was said in the film, one fifth of the world’s people live in absolute poverty. Families go in debt or close to it because on the consumption they have done. The more consumption a family does the more production is made. This causes the debt for a family. It will be hard for the family to get back on their feet at that rate because they have an addiction to the consumption. As Americans it is nearly impossible to imagine what poverty is and even more difficult to realize why there is poverty at all since we Americans have everything laid out for us. This creates more factories and opening jobs for the society. So the people who are in poverty have a chance to get back on their feet. But the amount of resources a person uses is high. The film also informs that each American uses