Affordable Health Care Reform

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There are many issues that are discussed and argued about amongst conservative and liberal people, but Health Care has always been one of the most “touchy” topics to be conversed about. The most recent Health Care Reform, (the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was set in place by our president Barrack Obama), has been amongst the most controversial in our nation’s history. “On March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became federal law. It initiated the most significant changes in the U.S. health care system since Medicare was established in 1965” ( The ACA, (also known as ObamaCare), allows for everyone in the U.S. to have an opportunity at health care insurance regardless of their financial status. The ACA also allowed …show more content…
The opposing viewpoints between the Republican nominee Senator John McCain and, (at the time), Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama were significant but not drastically different.
“The Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, predicted that the health care system would ‘implode’ if something wasn’t done about rising costs, and his plan focused on ways to stem the increases. McCain wanted to create a national insurance marketplace to increase competition among insurers, which he said would lower premiums and increase choices for consumers.
He also favored changing the way Medicare and Medicaid paid providers, improving quality of care and allowing states greater leeway in determining how to provide care for patients with the greatest needs. He advocated giving Americans tax-sheltered health savings accounts, a tax credit for purchasing health insurance, and better consumer information about medical quality” (Parks, 9).

“The Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama, had developed a plan that was more complex and more directly addressed the issue of uninsured
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I feel that I nor my family should be penalized for not having health care. It is a personal and private choice and it should not be determined by our government. It is costing us as tax payers more money than it should and is limiting our options as to how we want to handle our health. I do, however, agree with the more liberal viewpoint as to how employers must offer standard health care for their employees or be penalized. By doing this, it allows for a safer environment for both the employer and their employees and lessens the risk of any financial troubles in the future. I also feel that Obama’s intent on “preventing waste and fraud” in regards to Medicare and Medicaid are something that benefit the country; especially the “baby boomers” who are aging and are going to need a great deal of health care in the nearing years. I think that there is also a way that an agreement can be made between conservative and liberal ideas regarding health care; I feel that instead of “punishing” others for not having health insurance, that they should “reward” the ones who do. I feel that this could have been accomplished by possibly lessening tax on their insurance if they applied by a certain time period.