Afghan: Khaled Hosseini and High Class family Essay

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Similarities and Differences between Two Afghan Excerpts All countries can have their good qualities, but the country of Afghanistan also has its bad, corrupt part to it as well. You get to see a happier, more lighthearted part of Afghanistan in the excerpt from The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. Then, you see a darker side in the excerpt from the book Escape From Afghanistan, by Farah Ahmedi with Tamin Ansary. One concept the two excerpts have in common is the fact that the characters are running to accomplish a goal. In The Kite Runner there is a character named Hassan that is in charge of chasing down kites that have been cut from their strings during kite-fighting tournaments. While in the excerpt Escape From Afghanistan the two characters, Ahmedi and her mother, must run for their lives to escape the border of Afghanistan while avoiding the dangerous Taliban. At the same time both characters are running, but for two very different reasons, one runs for thrills while the other for survival. Both excerpts also share a strong relationship between two people. The excerpt The Kite Runner shows the relationship between a young boy of a high class family named Amir and his servant, Hassan. Hassan is very loyal to Amir, willing to do any command Amir wishes him to, although Amir likes to test Hassan of his loyalty. Even though the boys are from two completely different classes of society, they