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African countries since the mid 1900's following their independence to the present have experienced a major delay in prosperity due to multiple issues including debt­documents
1,3,7­HIV/AIDS­documents 5,6­ and war­documents 4,7. The blame for these problems cannot completely be on the Europeans who colonized the continent in the "scramble for
Africa", but mostly on the Africans themselves. The massive debt owed to wealthy foreign powers the young African countries face has beset their chances of prosperity. Document 1, coming from a African Action website, is biased (because) as it accuses European countries and the U.S. to be the main reason of the financial suffering Africa faces. It claims that the wealthy countries have much control over
African economies and its future by requiring to be paid what is owed by even the poorest of
Africa. One of the causes for this can be European colonization; indigenous people became laborers in their own country as Europeans claimed top jobs. Once the foreigners left the colonies, unskilled and uneducated Africans remained­ they were and still are unable to support the economy, therefore they must borrow millions. Yet Europeans have forgiven the large amount of money owed by these countries, as mentioned in document 5. This document, coming from a BBC news report is on the celebrity Bono and his support of the
Jubilee campaign which has a goal of worldwide debt relief. Countries such as the UK actually