Africa child labor Essay

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Prof k
April 20th, 2015
Child Labor in Africa Child labor is the use of young children for industries or business which is considered inhumane. Child labor in many parts of world seizes to exist, but in some parts of Africa there are still many children between the ages of 5-14 that still undergo child labor. Most of these children experience this due to poverty, and unemployment. This work does not only deprive these kids of their childhood but can be potentially harmful to their physical and mental development. According to ILO (International Labor Organization) 168 million children are engaged in child labor as of 2013, and out of these 168 million, 85 million of them are involved in harzdous work. In West Africa there is an organization called ECOWAS which stands for Economic community of West African states. Its main goal is the promotion of economic integration among its members. This is a regional organization of 15 West African countries but with your help by donating money we can spread this organization to other parts of Africa. Every child has a right to education and child labor deprives them of that privilege. They should have a fundamental right to education and labor also them to exploitation. If these children do not have any educational background then there would not be future leaders. No doctors, lawyers, bankers or even presidents to lead us. The United Nations states that there is an estimated 215 million children in Africa who starts their days at work in a mine or field rather than in a classroom. And the ILO states that more than half of all child laborers are in the most hazardous form of work, some 60% are in agriculture domestic or street vending at even greater are children in commercial sexual exploitation. Working in a hazardous condition may not be safe for the children, and also puts their health at risk because of their physical distinction. The children are only between the ages of 5-14 and are not strongly built at the moment so it is easier for them to get injured or hurt themselves. This work also has psychological effects on the children, and long hours on a regular basis can harm children’s social development. But most of all child labor leaves a traumatic effect. Adam K who started mining at age 12 describes the hardship of his work, the accident that almost killed him. He was working when a tunnel collapsed right in front of him “I thought I was dead” he said. Adam is now 16 years old and is still working and since then has always been afraid to working. The main cause of child labor is poverty and families with very little income cannot afford to send their children to school so they send them to work. Children then receive little or no education and grow up without acquiring any basic skills or knowledge, and remain in a low paying job. In Africa parents are used to sending their daughters off to marry at a young age and have children, and now those daughters who have been sent off have low income to provide for their own children. As a result they lose their jobs to younger employees and there are fewer opportunities for adult employment just because of