Africa: Education and West African Horizon Essay examples

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As the sun rises over the West African horizon, Ousseynou begins to arise from his night's slumber. He yawns knowing that he has another long day ahead of him. Like many other children, Ousseynou will not have any meals that day nor go to school. This is the norm for many young children who live in isolated villages. Traveling across the vast ocean to the present-day United States, all children attend school here no matter how little or much money that family has. The average student complains about having to attend it and how useless it is. Children such as Ousseynou yearn to have an education like us, while the children on our country complain about it saying it's useless. What would our lives be like without an educated people? Our lives would be very primitive if no one went to school. All of our inventions such as medicine and electronics would never have existed nor would have artificial light or transportation. Our civilization would probably be living in huts, growing our own crops, and hunting our own food too. Today's generation doesn't realize how essential education is to our society. First off, in order to survive as an adult, you have to have a job. Through studying well as a child, you are given the opportunity for a better job and a wide variety of them. With a better job, you can support your family without having an financial worries. Through education, you are taught time management, responsibility, and organization. As you…