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Marlynn Hampton
History of Africa
Assignment #1

1) Tariqibn Ziyad is the most important person that I learned about this week. I can honestly say that this is an important part of history that I knew nothing about because when I think of an invasion between Europe and Africa. The first thing that comes to mind is how Europe invaded Africa for the slave trade. To find out that in 711AD an army led by Tariqibn Ziyad invaded Spain and the most amazing part of this story is that his army was 1,700 strong and was able to take control of a larger army of 10,000-15,000 men. Resulted in Europe being under muslim control for 500 years and with great pleasure Tariqibn named the rock of Calpe "Jabal-i-Tariq Tairq's mountain". The reason why this is important to me is because this proves that European scholars have tried to discredit how Africa has had a big influence in the Americas.
2) Apostle St Mark in the early century AD brought Christianity to Egypt before christianity many Egyptians where religious many embraced the younger religion because their old beliefs where destroyed by the Roman empire during this time the final dethroning of their Pharaohs which where gods to the people of Egypt. Which made the concept of Christianity familiar to Egyptians because they where all ready had an understanding of death and resurrection of a god as well as the idea of judgment of souls and the afterlife for the faithful. The Egyptian symbol is similar to the cross which is a symbol for eternal life and the belief that God had chosen to hide his infant son in Egypt provided a source of pride to the Egyptian Christians.

3) Aksum was at it's height when the rulers where importing silver, gold, olive oil and wine. By 300CE they where minting their own coins which gave them a great advantage. During the sixth century Aksum was powerful enough to expand across the Red Sea but during the rise of Islam which spread across western Asia and Africa this weakened the trade power of Aksum and soon most I took place through the Persian Gulf and with out trade through the Red Sea. The Aksum empire declined in the eighth century due to a loss of trade. Songhai empire located in western Africa (ancient Ghana) from the 15th to the late 16th century, Songhai was one of the largest Islamic empires. During the empire rose after it reconquered Mali, In 1591 Songhai failed because they suffered a political collapse and they were attacked by morocco.
Songhai geography Capital Geo located on the Niger River.

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