Africa: South Africa and Cape Town Essay

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Caleb Johnson
Mr. Greenwood
Block 4
Modernized Africa
The most modernized country in Africa is South Africa
South Africa has superior economy compared many countries in Africa. The country is worth $595.7 billion dollars making it in 26th place compared to the world. South Africa makes most of its money off of industry (29%) and services (68.4%). ( South Africa is the largest manufacturer of rich jewels and metals such as platinum, gold, iron, steel, and chromium. The amount of workers in South Africa is 18.54 million ranking in 33rd place making a busy country. Their budget profits are $88.53 billion. Not only that but South Africa makes 91.05 billion dollars in exports and makes 48.46 billion dollars off of gold alone. South Africa's unemployment rate is approximately 24% ranking in 174th (the scale goes by the higher the rank, the higher percentage of unemployment) place making it not as bad as other countries such as Zimbabwe with 95 percent unemployment rate. (
South Africa is the most technological advanced city in Africa. It was ranked in first place by Answers Africa for technological achievements. Such as Linux Ubuntu (An operating system) was founded by Mark Shuttleworth in South Africa. ( Or how the online money transfer company PayPal, was co-founded by a South African named Elon Musk. He also founded the aerospace company SpaceX which aims for humans to colonize on mars. ( The country also is known for conducting the world's first successful human heart transplant. ( Not only that but the Cat scan was created by a South African physicist named Allan Cormack. ( Ten of the tallest buildings in Africa are