African American Research Paper

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Yuleicy Suarez
Professor Lubar
ENG 103
African American One of the best things I can say I love about life is hearing people about their life experience and what they looking and sees in life. We might look the same physically but we think and act different from one another because of the way we grow up in the society. When I went to the human library which is like a open book event I took out and African American book which was interesting hearing about his life being black and living Washington D.C. His name was Kevin and he lived with his parents. He’s the only child of the family and felt lonely until he moved out. Kevin told me that in High School he was slacking and not caring about his education. It got to a point he wanted to drop out and do something different in life. He was hanging out with the wrong group of people that didn’t attend to school in the daily base. All they want to do is smoke marijuana and doing other bad things that were not good for a young teenager. Three of those people were his cousins he saw them as a brother. He thought because they were older then him they know more about life than he did. His parents were not happy with the things he was doing and coming home late. He didn’t care he kept doing either way. When Kevin graduated from high school him and his three cousins when to the same college. His dad was paying for his tuition in college but he was still was playing around with his education. He was failing all his classes because he didn’t do the assignment and he didn’t go to class. All he was doing was partying and hanging out with his cousins and friends. After the semester finish his parents told him that he have to take some responsibility and pay his tuition alone. They were no longer helping him because they were wasting there time helping him while he was slacking with school. That’s all it took for him to man up. Before the semester started he started looking for a job in the summer and start putting money away for school. When the semester started he had to repeat the classes all over again and that’s exactly he did. This time he was more focus and working extra harder to maintain his grade higher. While he was in school he kept his little job to help with pay back his tuition. After he finishes his bachelor degree he realize that education was his only way move on in his life. Also he realize he was the only one that graduated and got his degree. His other three cousins he went to college with drop out during the first and second year and never came back to finish the others. That made him feels sad that they didn’t finish but proud at the same time because he finishes. After his degree he move to Syracuse and started working. He’s planning on going back to…