African American and American Women Exigence Essay

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Article title: Hip-Hops Betrayal of Black women
Author: Jennifer Mclune
Intended audience: Black African American women
Exigence: Black men are degrading women by the way they are making music.
Thesis: The author uses hyperbole, imagery, dialogue, and also figurative language to credibility to tell that women are being dehumanized and invisible by the way men are betraying them.

Organizational Structure: argumentative
Point # 1: how the lyrics are being expressed and on how hip-hop artists do not seem to care.
Support: Jay-Z. Showed the example of a part of his song that said “I pimp hard on a trick, look Fuck if your leg broke bitch hop on your good foot.”
Pathos; hip-hop artist has no remorse in the words they say if they keep on repeating it. They do not seem to care on how it will hurt people’s feelings
Point # 2 sexism is the winning ticket to mainstream acceptability and Powell, like Russell Simmons know it.
Support: Powell concludes that “What hip-hop has spawned is a way is a way of winning on our own terms, of us making something out of nothing”
Ethos; did we agree to agree to be dehumanized, vilified, and made invisible?
Point #3 Hip hop is a manipulative narrative that sells because it gets men hard, hip hop is not about keeping it real.
Support: Black women are presented as dancing cave “chicks” in bikini who get clubbed over the head,
Metaphor; black women are compared to shit eating birds.
Point #4 Women are people to, any attack of the women