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Hip-Hop: The Venom With different decades, comes different crazes; with different generations, comes different slang words; with different situations, comes different solutions;with different genres of music, comes different effects on the community it originates from. Country music paired with its artists and their accomplishments effect the White community; Reggeton and its artists, with their distinct beats, automatically can be identified with the Hispanic community, and there's no difference with Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop music has had a tremendous impact on the black community; and it has not been a positive one. Yes, Hip-Hop has gotten some of the members of the black community out of the sterotypical slumps and ghettos that the majority of black people come from and must go through, however, while it has done those things, it has also degraded our name in their lyrics, disgraced our image with their videos, and has changed black power from a movement into a monument.

The famous Nicki Minaj is one of the newest black female rappers. Many of her songs prominently show the negative impact the Hip-Hop genre has on the black community. In many of Nicki Minaj's lyrics she verbalizes how many females feel about themselves; How she's the best and there's no other female like her. However while she does that she also degrades the name of black females everywhere; In one of her chart hitting songs entitled stupid hoe Nicki does just that. She begins the track by implying that she is a keeper. But while she is doing that she also disrespects many women around the country, by calling them stupid hoes. Why is it that she can do it, but woman take offense when men do it? In the year 2007 Mr. Don Imus called the Rutgers Women's basketball team nappy headed hoes and it caused a huge up roar in the black community. The whole community was standing as a united force waiting for justice to be served for his very demeaning and racist comment. They were not pleased until he made a public apology, and his radio show was canceled. Now here we are in the year 2012 only five years later and Nicki Minaj can boldly state that all females are not only nappy headed hoes, but stupid as well. There is no consequences for her, most of the black community joins in and sings with her.

This does not stop with the lyrics. This disgraceful behavior carries over into the music videos another fairly new black rapper by the name of Tyga has a song entitled Make It Nasty. The titles speaks volumes on be half of the lyrics and message but the music video speaks for it's self. The video is so explicit, Youtube does not allow anyone under the age of 18 to view it. The video begins with the view of a mansion as most, but the actives inside the mansion is what causes the conserves. There are dozens of half naked women drinking alcohol and participating in sexual behavior. This is in no way appropriate to be called a music video, this film should only be found on the shelf of an adult video store. Not only is Tyga in this video, but there are many other famous rappers in the house as well. Which is sending the message that not only does Tyga believe that this is alright, but they do as well. What message is