Essay about African American and Black People

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Maimouna Camara
February 10,2015
Malcolm X
OGT Write #4

Of the people whose names are mentioned in history, some men like Thomas Edison are praised for their genius minds and Martin Luther King for his courageous and peaceful movements, while others such as Adolf Hitler are criticized for leaving a depressing legacy behind.While it is relative easy to notice the type of legacies these two men left, legacies of other men are often vague and they seem to be imbedded in gray shadows. This is how many people view the life of Malcolm X. Malcolm X during his lifetime had influenced many African Americans to step up for their rights against the injustices by the American government. Both Martin Luther King and Malcom X were considered great influential leaders of the time. They each had different ways of reaching the same goal, but in my opinion Malcom X theories were the best at the time. In my opinion three of the most contriversal issue discussed by Malcolm X are Education, Economy and Violence.

Malcolm X offered an insightful perspective on the education of Black people. In the historical tradition of Black educators, he was undeniably commited to uplifting the race by the encouraging Black people to become cognizant of their consignment in the American social order, and then proposing the necessary steps to recify these conditions. Malcolm X wanted seperate but equal churches,school and workshops. According to Malcom X, “...we encourage Afro-americans themselves to establish experimental institues and educational workshops..”(5). X ideals on education is more reliable because a black person only knows what a black person can go to at the time. At school white kids focus would only be on the black kids