African American and Fellow File Clerk Essay

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For a year and a half I worked as an office file clerk, performing daily task for the doctors and nurses that worked at that clinic. The organization that I was hired with specialized in Gastroenterology Associates and Endoscopy; my job requirements involved: gathering patient’s charts, filing of paperwork, taking phone messages, faxing of medical records, and other tasks. While I was at work at the clinic I had a situation dealing with type of violence and matters taken to justify the event.
We had recently started a new system in which employees who needed us to complete an assignment could simply send their requests straight to our individual computers. Our entire staff had access to it, but the workers upstairs used this system the most. One of these individuals was our insurance person, whose character wasn’t ideal; she was a rude, narrow minded, and seemed to hold certain employees to a lower standard. We were all still getting use to having to check the computer so at times when we were busy it would slip our minds. My fellow file clerk (who was African American) and I were at work, when the insurance person from upstairs comes storming up and begins furiously yelling towards my co-file clerk about not getting her files. Even though we both aplogized for not seeing the sent task because we were occupied, she still continued to yell directing it towards my co-file clerk. The yelling turned into racial slurs such as “nigger”, this quickly began to turn heads in the office. I instantly walked my friend away from the situation, but I couldn’t help to be taken back by what had happened. A few days later our office manager held a meeting to discuss the matter. He placed new ruling that stated any reoccurring