Essay about African American and Roaring Twenties

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Hiba Adina and Carlos Cespedes
U.S History II – Period 3
Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties was a great time to be part of the wealthy class and at the same time it was something you wish you never had. The Roaring Twenties provided a template for the modern world of today. There were many good things about this time but not everything was good about it. Most people compare the 1920’s as fool’s gold; is this because it seemed to be a great time for the United States but if you were to go into it then things would become clear that there were problems that weren’t met. Most of the good things included the technology, the economy, women’s rights, arts and last but not least the end of World War I. Most of the positive things that came out of this time were the technological advances that were beginning to rise. For example the radio, this new technology provided the country with a pass time and something to connect the whole country, it made the country more aware of its surroundings and feel more of a country. Another positive event that occurred in this time period was women’s rights; after the war the country saw that without the women they wouldn’t have done all the things that they were able to do in the war. It was difficult to allow women to gain power but finally they were given the right to vote. Along with the rights to vote, women began to play the part also, this means smoking, drinking and doing a man would normally do. The “flappers” which was another name for women at the time were beginning to pave the road to what our country is today. Even though there were many good things with the U.S at the time there were some downsides to it. The country had many problems they never fixed because they didn’t think it was important, one of these subjects being racism. African Americans have proved themselves once more in the past World War but back at the homeland white Americans couldn’t accept the fact that they are the same. This hatred leads to lynching and violence towards the African American race and the beginning of regret, the KKK. The government didn’t try to stop this mostly because most of its members were part of this organized group. The KKK were a group of white Americans that hated mostly immigrants, Jews, Catholics, or basically