African American Culture Research Paper

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African Americans went through many struggles in the past to get where they are today. They went through the misery of slavery and discrimination. What is not usually acknowledged is that they influenced ideas and apparatuses that are still in use today. Luckily, in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Black culture and influence began to be truly appreciated. For example, shows like “The French Prince of Bel-Air” consist of black culture and is enjoyed by many. America is a place of cultural difference and ideology. Throughout many years, African Americans and Blacks gradually became accepted into American life. Past African American and today’s Black culture are both responsible for laying foundations rooted in cultural influence and diversity. …show more content…
Rice was an important crop produced by Africans (Holloway). Other important crops introduced by African Americans are okra, red peas and black peas, which Americans currently consume (Pinchin). According to Dodson, they have what is called “soul food.” The “Hoppin’ John” is a famous African American dish which consists of red peas, rice and beans. Okra is found in many menus in restaurants of America, and today’s culture unfortunately does not view it as an influence of African Americans and appreciate it. A common favorite is a dish that contains red peas, okra, and meat (Pinchin). Gumbo is a popular soup originated from the African Americans (Pinchin). Another dish which originated in southern cities such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge is jumbalaya. This flavorful food consists of rice, chicken, smoked sausage, and a plethora of unique spices and peppers. Through the rough period of slavery, it is saddening to know that they had to leave their culture and cuisine behind in Africa. In slavery, they were hardly fed and put in starvation. But when they were able to prepare their own food and feed their families and themselves, they prepared intriguing, delicious foods. Each dish was different and healthy. They consisted of many vegetables such as black eyed peas, lima beans, and kidney beans (Holloway). Being a country of cultural diversity, there is many different types of foods from other countries. Therefore, the next time something is consumed, think of where it originated, and the answer has a high possibility of being of African