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Rosa Parks Dec. 1, 1955- Nov 1956 Refused to give up her seat on a public bus Boycott by 50,000 African-Americans lasting 381 days until Federal Court ordered desegregation of buses in Montgomery Alabama.

Dr. Robert B. Hayling 1963-1964 Black Dentist and Air Force Veteran urged people to go to St. Augustine Florida for summer but to stay out of the beach and take part in demonstrations to end segregation. Mrs. Mary Parkman Peabody (then 72 year old mother of the governor of Massachusetts) was arrested as she was participating in a sit-in. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also joined the sit-in and was arrested. Dr. King wrote a letter titled “Letter from the St. Augustine Jail” to Rabbi Israel Dresner in New Jersey calling for support. A week later the largest arrest of Rabbi’s in American history while conducting a pray-in.

Amelia Boynton Robinson March 7, and March 9, 1965 Organized a march of over 600 people walking over 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery Alabama After 6 blocks the protesters were attacked by State Troopers with clubs, tear gas, and whips. A second march on March 9 was successful and President Johnston addressed the nation on television stating that he supported the voting rights of all people and the African-American cause was everyone’s cause. President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 on August 6.

A.T. Walden

1940’s Founder of the Atlanta Negro Voters League, an nonpartisan voters group in Atlanta GA. With his political appointments Walden was able to influence and increase the rate of Black voting which lead to improvements in the community as well as the hiring of Black policemen in African-American neighborhoods.

Thomas Brewer July 4, 1944 Doctor who