Why Do You Want To Be A JCSU Cheerleader?

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Victoria Shivers
Why Do You Want To Be A JCSU Cheerleader?
Cheerleading is not just a sport, but it is also an opportunity for a young woman to grow. It allows cheerleaders to create friendships and sisterly bonds that they will need in their future. Cheerleading can be described as an amazing sport because not only do cheerleaders work hard, but they maintain that work ethic while receiving an education. I would love to be selected as a Johnson C. Smith University Cheerleader because not only is cheerleading something I love to do, but it will help strengthen my skills in leadership, social networking, and cheerleading itself.
At the age of ten, I decided that I wanted to flee from ballet and start thinking about cheerleading as one of my extracurricular activities. I loved to watch the cheerleading competitions each and every time the popped up on the television. I was so enthusiastic about football and basketball games so that I could get the opportunity to cheer. Even at competitions, the experience is overwhelming. Performing in front of judges, smiling, stunting, jumping, and uniting with cheerleaders from other teams just makes cheerleading more fun and exciting. Cheerleading has been something I have loved for a long time now and I hope that I will be able to cheer on the collegiate level.
Cheerleading is a gateway to great opportunities because it allows girls to connect and learn from other cheerleaders. During games there are times to socialize with the other teams and make new friends. In due time, I will become a leader. I believe that in order to lead you must first know how to follow. Of course I will take in consideration and listen to my upperclassmen, but when the time comes for me to step up and become a leader; I will take full advantage of this opportunity. Cheerleading will broaden my knowledge on the sport as coaches, trainers and other athletic persons enlighten me. I will also be able to learn from upperclassmen so that I can be prepared at games and other events. Nobody wants to look lost at events or games, so I will practice after practice and show my dedication to the sport.
Cheerleading helps you with your time management skills. Since cheerleading is an extracurricular activity and I am a fulltime student here at Johnson C. Smith University, it will help strengthen my time