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December 4th, 2014
African American Oppression: Still Happening Today
Oppression in America has been around for many years. Since the beginning of time, if one person is not like the majority of the other people then they are often judged and ridiculed. African
American Oppression has been occurring even before The Civil War in 1861 which is why people may say that America is equal, but when it comes to the rights and educations of African Americans, it is not equal and it is becoming more noticeable. Based on the evidence, the most probable cause of
African American oppression in the United States is the nonacceptance that started in the beginning of time
Racial discrimination is everywhere and has always been around. It may not always be so obvious, but it is. It’s in social media, movies, shows and is displayed within people and their actions.
Racism has evolved tremendously since the 1800’s, then again, a lot of things have. Lindsay states that
“Throughout the 1800s, blacks in America played a prominent role within the country they now accepted as their own, the United States. They fought alongside white Americans during the
Revolutionary War, and some were even granted freedom.”(Lindsay,2009) This quote is telling how early racism has attended not only the united states , but the entire world which is not that hard to realize anymore. When it comes to racism in america one of the top racial equality rankings is african americans. Some people may argue that racism has boiled down, and it has, but now people are trying to say that its the black people who aren’t allowing racism to end. As said by White, “
Too many blacks do remain oppressed, but not by white Americans. Rather, it is by blacks who relish a perverse sub-culture of low standards and perpetual victimization. No longer do white racists tell black children books are for white people. Today, black people do this. Everyday, black children suffer ridicule and disgrace for doing their homework, behaving in class, striving for excellence — in short, “acting white.”(White,2003) This has a great influence on some people. Some might take it as offensive because there are indeed people fighting racism and trying to prevent it, but with this opinion going around its defeating their whole purpose.
In todays society, racism is still talked about as if it were a normal thing. Racial discrimination has always affected African Americans in the united states. Even today there are still some people who won’t serve certain races, not just only black people. Rowles remarks how
“Racial discrimination has negatively affected African Americans in the United States for centuries and produced one of the most publicly recognized histories of social oppression.”(Rowles,2012) Racial discrimination is indeed one of the top, well recognized factors of racism. If someone is asked about racism, this is probably one of the top answers that someone would say.
African Americans have always tried to improve their positions in society to be seen as so called

“equal” to the “superior race” in america. Rowles writes “
Despite the proven negative thoughts on racism and the fact that racism and discrimination are still very much alive, African American people have continued to improve their positions in society exponentially and succeed in all walks of life.”(Rowles,2012) When somebody thinks of racism, its often thought of as a negative way to deal with a problem, and it is. No person should have to go through what some African Americans have gone through.
Overall, racism in america is still a greatly talked about topic and has been around since the beginning of time.

Racism against African Americans has lead to inequality in employment, home owning and black subculture. Racism has lead to it being a lot more difficult to receive jobs and keep them if they do get one. In this quote Massey adds “Black people remain crowded into