African American Reparations Negative2 Essay

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African American Reparations Negative
We negate the resolution, Resolved: The United States Federal Government ought to pay reparations to African Americans
First, This debate revolves around the idea of race relations. At that point, the team that is best able to evaluate the root cause of racism should win the round. If we prove that reparations don’t solve for the underlying issues of racism, a negative ballot is in line.
Second, the topic uses the phrase “pay reparations to African Americans”. At that point, the basis of the affirmative is to interact with the African Americans themselves.
Contention 1
Subpoint A: The root cause of racism is the structures of economic inequality, which reparations can’t fix.
Nuruddin ‘1
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During that time he espoused a belief in a single human race, and “[f]rom this fundamental belief flowed the notion of an unracialized citizenship.”163 However that view shifted sharply in the wake of the depression that followed the War of 1812. Soon Coxe viewed free African Americans concentrated in the North as “an impoverished, uneducated mass for whom the rights of full citizenship were inappropriate.”164 In addition to the larger economic pressure, Coxe’s shift was attributed to the social influence of Philadelphia’s White workingmen who were growing increasingly rabid on race issues.165 To this day, African-Americans are particularly vulnerable to the negative side effects of American capitalism.166 In short, a political-economic structure that produces profound inequities is exacerbated for those at the bottom of the societal hierarchy when there is a racial component to it.167 American capitalism and racial equality suffer longstanding incompatibilities, such that some of the most cross-racially honored and respected black