African American Slavery Research Paper

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Slavery Slavery in america Began in the early 1600 when a group of african slaves where brougth to a town in Virginia, Slavery was a cheaper was fpr Americans to get work done. After a ship brought about 20 african slaves, Slavery spread thoughout the american colanies.In Jamestown, Virginia they worked for the production of white men`s crops. The first topic is that Slavery was basced on African Americans brought to America to work for white men. The second Topic is that not all slaves had to suffer from the Labor some excaped by underground railroad. The last topic is that the Civil was was fought mainly to free slaves.
African americans where brought to america forced into the work for many Americans. Between the 18th centries African Americans worked mainly for the production of rice and indigo. However other jobs where given to African American men such as Carpenters, potters,blacksmiths, ect. Women usally worked in the fields , but somtimes they worked as slaves in houses. After some time African Americans grew tired of working, but constitulaion taclty Guaranteed the right for any person to be repossed for service and labor. Many African Americans where forced to work for americans, but some escaped the labor By freed African American men.
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The practice was known as underground railroad, Underground railroad was a secret system organized by Free men to help Get slaves to freedom. The real movment of the practice of Underground railroad began in the 1830 that was lead by freed blacks and white supporters. The system Saved anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 African Americans, but rasied tenttion that convinced many northeners the determindation to defeat the instatute. The point of the underground railroad system was to help as many slaves in bondage as possible. Even though it was agenst U.S. law many supporters aided slaves in a flght system of safe