african american studies Essay

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In a well-crafted essay respond to one of the following in no more than three pages(does not include works cited). Essay is to be double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with Turabian or Chicago documentation style. Post your completed essay in the Assignments Folder/Portfolio under "Mid Term" after it has been reviewed in the EWC.

Consider the study of African American History. Discuss the importance of African American History as it relates to the development of African American identity and American History. Explain how the omission of African Americans from the study of American History contributes to the marginalization of African Americans. Explain how the lack of information about their race impacts the expectation for achievement among African American children. Does the Obama presidency influence the perception of possibilities for the future of African Americans? Include the assigned readings in your discussion.
Consider the treatment of African American males in the criminal justice system historically. Consider John Punch, Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, and Brian Banks. What are the similarities in these cases? What do they suggest about justice as it relates to African American men? Is there a correlation between the African American male experience within the criminal justice system and the inability for African American males to negotiate mainstream America culture, or is this just an over-used excuse for mediocrity? Include the assigned readings in