African American Studies Midterm BACONS MIDTERM Essay

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Ryan Bacon
Dr. Johnny Washington
AAS 100, Introduction to African American Studies
18 February 2015
Black Culture vs. White Culture
Culture has been around for as long as humans were alive and different ethnic groups have cultural differences. There are some large cultural differences between Black and White people. With the opportunities provided with each culture, our lifestyles have taken on different forms.
A lot of the differences come from the economic diversity of the two races. For example, look at education: in too many public schools where the predominate race is African American, there is peer pressure not to learn, in fact students of color who apply themselves to learning and getting and education are targets for ridicule, persecution and violence.
Most are not given the option to join the local gang element, they either do or they die. And even if they manage to slip through the cracks of being forced into a gang a stray bullet from gang activity may claim their lives any way. Contrast that to the Caucasian community where education is a centerpiece and most gang activity is practiced outside their own neighborhoods. Another difference between the two cultures is the musical taste. In the Black community, rappers are usually the main artist, as well as gospel and soul music. The music of the Black culture tends to come straight from the heart and leads to deep emotions, rather than its counterpart of white culture. The music of the white culture tends to be rather for entertainment, rather than coming straight from the heart and leading to deeper emotions. Sports are also a big difference between the two cultures. People of colored ethnicity tend to do better at certain sports, such as basketball or football. Some scientists say this is because of the worlds history, but it seems to be a genetic