African American Women Essay example

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Shanise Moore
Doctor Reid
English 103
10 November 2013
Annotated Bibliography
Thompson, Cheryl. "Black Women and Identity: What's Hair Got to Do with It?" University Of Michigan. University of Michigan Feminist Studies, 2009. Web. 11 Nov. 2013.
The above mentioned article is by Cheryl Thompson, an expert in feminist studies at the University of Michigan. She obtained the information in this article through use of interviews, personal experience, and research. The article focuses on defending natural hair and trying to pinpoint the reason why African American women feel that they should manipulate their hair chemically, with heat, weave, etc. The article gives evidence to how society has subliminally told African American women that they must manipulate their hair from its natural state somehow to be accepted. Additionally the article addresses the fact that many women have self-hatred for their hair and this is the reason why the manipulate it despite the possible consequences, but this is something not many will admit. I will use this article to prove that societies view of African American women’s hair has caused them to be self conscious and develop low self esteem as well as caused African American men to begin to side with societies opinion on black hair. The article also gives a history showing where societies new expectation for black hair first came about and shows the roles hair played historically.
1) “For young black girls, hair is not just something to play with, it is something that is laden with messages, and it has the power to dictate how others treat you, and in turn, how you feel about yourself…. Its style could lead to acceptance or rejection from certain groups and social classes, and its styling could provide the possibility of a career” (Thompson).
2) “Born in Trinidad, Ruth immigrated to Canada in