Essay on African Americans In History

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Chapter 9
African americans : past and present
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Chapter outline
The definition of Racial Groups
Ancestry of African Americans
Concerns: Political, Social, and Cultural
Legislation in in African Americans History
Conclusion/ Summary
Key Terms
Citations/ References/ Resources

In this chapter you will Learn
How to define Racial Groups
Experiences of African Americans Througout History
Political, Social, and Cultural Concerns
Legislation in African American History
Constraining and Alleviating Prejudicial Boundaries
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A Racial Group is a croup that is socially set apart because of obvious physical differences. Obvious physical differences May include the color of a person’s hair, shape, or size. Any physical difference that a society may find obvious. Here in the United States the color of a person’s skin is an obvious physical difference. People are classified as either Black or White. I am Black and of African American descent.

Ancestry of American Americans
The ancestry of African Americans go back as far as the 16th century. They are citizens of the United States who are of total or partial ancestry from any Native population. African American descendants were enslaved blacks. They were brought to the United States involuntarily or in bondage. Being beat and deprived like untamed animals while being restrained with shackles and chains. Throughout history African Americans, they have experienced Racial Discrimination and Prejudice. Absolute deprivation is the minimum level of subsistence below which families or individuals should not be expected to exist. This is the cause of African Americans living conditions and lack of education. African Americans less than the opportunity to be educated or work and earn their own money. They did not have rights as did the dominant or majority groups did. African Americans did not have rights that would allow them to be free.

In the 16th century African Americans were taken to Spanish and English Colonies as slaves. After being recognized or constructed as the United States, Black people were still forced to be slaves and be treated inferior. Slavery is a condition in which one human being is owned by another. It began in the United States in the early 1500’s when a small number of blacks were forced to be servants. They were beaten by owners or other dominant authorities as a form of discipline for being disobedient. There were repeated attempts by slaves to escape the brutality and unfair treatment of slave owners. This led to revolts filled with anger and violence. Blacks killing their white owners, or white people killing blacks in fear of their lives. By 1660 laws were passed making Blacks slaves for life. This happened in the British Colonies. Slaves were finally allowed to raise crops and cattle to buy their freedom. Even when deemed free, African Americans continued to be treated poorly and unfair.

Concerns: Political, Social, and Cultural
Since the African Americans early presence in the United States they have contributed innovative cultural influences. Their music is one of the largest influences in African American culture. Their musical forms are one of the most dominant forms of music in the United States today. These forms include Hip hop, R&B and Rap. African Americans have also influenced today’s society with literature such as poetry by Langstin Hughes.

Throughout history African Americans were not allowed to participate in politics. They were not allowed to vote. Blacks had no rights. The Civil Rights Movement was influenced. African Americans fought in every war ever fought by the United States with influential gain. This not only earned certain rights for African Americans, but changed today’s society. Most blacks attend and follow historically black churches. They consist of predominantly black congregations. The congregations were established by