African Americans Throughout The Twentieth Century Essay

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Throughout the twentieth century the African American community faced many changes and continuities involving their social inclusion along with legal rights and the struggles they had with systematic oppression.
One of the most roaring changes throughout the twentieth century involving Africa. Americans was their social inclusion into American society. Ever since the end of slavery, the white man made attempts to put down the black man socially, politically, or economically. However, the twentieth century was a time of change for the black man because of the black power movement. The black power movement gave African Americans recognition in American society's throughout the country because of their will to fight and strive for equality. The
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During the housing roar in the twentieth century, the black man was taking advantage of when buying a home because of his lack of experience when getting a home financed. This type of systematic oppression demonstrated the white man's history of taking advantage of the black man’s lack of experience. Because of this oppression put upon African Americans, the black man suffered house debt due to massive interest rates causing him to take out more loans in order to pay off previous loans. This cycle eventually sent many African Americans into poverty because of their inability to pay off loans. Systematic oppression is seen all throughout the twentieth century normally in favor of the white man. For example, the Klu Klux Klan (KKK) used to scare African Americans away from the voting polls through brutal violence, such as public lynchings in order to keep the black man from taking advantage of his constitutional right to vote. This type of systematic oppression kept the black man from having any say in who gets elected into any type of government officials office, taking away their constitutional right to vote. Whether it was through some sort of fear factor or through the ability to take advantage of less educated people in a society the black man was oppressed throughout the twentieth century in many ways which took away