The Congo Civil War

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"Tied to a tree and blindfolded, I listened to my sister sobbing and screaming while armed men raped her” this is a vivid description from Sandra, a Congolese woman who experienced the gruesome Congo Civil War. How could a country live when the people they entrust, their government are raping their women and killing their people? Should the civilians rebel, will that help the country, will that reduce the death toll and the violence? This leads to the main question, which viewpoint had the best interest of the country the governments or the southern viewpoints? After various forms of research I came to the conclusion that the rebels had the best interest of the country, the rebels of southern Congo Brazzaville did not sustain to as much acts of violence as the government, and the rebels took more of a political and social outlook on the war. Though Congo is located in Africa it is abundant in natural resources, The Republic of Congo is one of sub-Saharan Africa's main oil producers, oil is a high wanted resource to the united states, with Congo in war the oil prices incremented, affecting the American economy. The world shouldn’t sit back and watch this country fall into further turmoil, but instead help it change and prosper into a rich nation that it could be. I strongly believe that allowing the government to regain control of the war, will end negatively.

The northern view point
At first glance any war is viewed as two sides fighting; the viewpoints of each side are never fully looked into. The congo The northern view point of the Congo Brazzaville war, exemplified the thoughts of the government, who did not have its country best interest, when they entered the civil war with the people of their country. The government or the Northern view point have committed more violent crimes and acts, there are numerous credible reports of grave human rights violations committed by Ninja militia forces loyal to former Congolese Prime Minister Bernard Kolelas such as hostage-taking, torture, and extrajudicial executions. As well as the prime minister, participating in these gruesome acts against his people, The nation’s own army has a long history of abuses, that the police are often invisible or drunk and that the hills are teeming with rebels. (Gettleman) This is further proof that the governments motives during the civil war, were never in the best interest of the population. This is a factual statement There has been a Mass rape has been epidemic; a tactic practiced both by government forces. Proof of the government’s abuse on its people can be seen through one woman in her story about rape; Mburano; Four armed men barged into Anna Mburano’s hut, slapped the children and threw them down. They flipped Mrs. Mburano on her back, she said, and raped her, repeatedly. Mrs. Mburano’s story strongly supports my claim that the southern rebels may had the best interest in the Congo-Brazzaville population during the war, because the government constantly used violent tactics to scare the population and they also added a large debt to the death toll o f the country using therir violent tactics. Mr. Mburano’s story is a credible source though it comes from a very emotional and bias view point.

Southern Viewpoint On the contrary the rebels of Congo Brazzaville held a more social outlook on the war, when the rebels took fight in the civil war that meant that the country had a good chance now to succeed, maybe the death toll would lesson, because now the people who are experiencing this war daily are fighting in it. Many might argue that the southern rebels entrance into the war would just cause the war to be more un organization and a larger death toll because the rebels are uneducated and don’t understand how to fight in a war. But if they completed research as I did, they will also come to the conclusion that I did that the rebels had the best interest of the country. The population still goes and vote for their presidential