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Vivian Maldonado
EPCC critique on Shakira’s Newest Self-titled album

Shakira’s new self-titled album recently released on March 21st 2014 takes over the radio with the hit single “Can’t remember to forget you” feat. Rhianna.
Shakira’s album has been in the works for a couple years.
Shakira announced working on an album back in 2012 but was delayed due to the Pop Stars pregnancy.
Shakira has been working on the album in Barcelona Spain and in Miami Florida working with various producers and DJ’s to draw up some new inspiration for the album.
The new album’s sound is very much influenced by the changes the singer has undergone both in personal and professional life.
Lyrically the majority of the album is not the sensual and fiery sound that one has grown accustomed too.
That being stated, the singer explores further into the eclectic sounds, mixing various styles to make some of vocal magic that has earned her a spot as a coach on “The Voice” airing on NBC.
The album does not disappoint bringing a mixture of sounds such as pop rock infused with reggae, using some of her Famous Latin flavors, and even dabbling with some EDM and country sounds.
Two of her singles that are already taking over the radio air waves are “Can’t remember to forget you” and “Empire” which are just two of the four singles she has released with the album.
The album is very diverse and I think Shakira is more in tune and comfortable exploring different sounds and even mixing up different