aftificial lift Essay

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1. The most common type of artificial lift pump system applied is beam pumping, which

engages equipment on and below the surface to increase and push oil to the surface.

Consisting of a sucker rod string and a sucker rod pump, beam pumps are the familiar

jack pumps seen on an on shore oil wells. Hydraulic pumping is another type of artificial

lift, hydraulic pumping equipment applies a downhole hydraulic pump, rather than

sucker rods, which lift oil to the surface. The production is forced against the pistons,

causing pressure and the pistons to lift the fluids to the surface. Hydraulic pumps

are mostly composed of two pistons, one above the other, which are connected by a

rod that moves up and down within the pump. The surface hydraulic pumps and the

subsurface hydraulic pumps are powered by oil, or clean oil that has been previously

lifted from the well. The electric submersible pump systems employ a centrifugal pump

below the level of the reservoir fluids. Connected two a long electric motor, the pump is

composed of several impellors, or blades, that move the fluids within the well.

2. Oil production is separated into three phases: primary, secondary, and tertiary,

which is also known as Enhanced Oil Recovery (Eor). Primary oil recovery is limited to

hydrocarbons that naturally rise to the surface, or those that use artificial lift devices,

such as pump jacks. Secondary recovery employs water and gas injections,