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Jethro Tull (1674-1741) was a key player in introducing and popularizing the series of root vegetables with his two inventions of the seed drill and the horse hoe. These two inventions made farming quicker and easier, the seed drill was more efficient purpose wise. The seed drill allowed the seeds to be easily planted deep into the soil rather than the top where the seeds could be washed away, the machine was pulled by horses and consisted of rotating runners that could plant seeds at depth. The horse hoe was a device which was less time consuming and easier to plow, the device made farming more efficient by allowing the horse to pull the plow it was done quickly.
Lord Townshend was also alike Jethro who made the root vegetables farming grow in popularity, Lord Townshend was famous for his cultivation of turnips and clover on his estate in Norfolk. He introduced the four-course rotation of crops which helped keep the ground in good condition for farming of a majority of the year, the cycle consisted of wheat, turnips, oats, barley and clover.
Robert Bakewell (1725-1795) was the first stock breeder of farm animals, by breeding the animals with certain qualities he was able to breed much more livestock. By the end of the eighteenth century Bakewell’s principles of stock breeding were practiced world-wide from his records and his well maintained stock.
During the Industrial Revolution our ways of living dramatically evolved.
a. Farming was one of the most important factors during the industrial revolution, farming supplied