Essay on AGA To Guenzel Week 7 Peer Review Checklist

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Checklist for Course Project Peer Review
Use the checklist below as you conduct the Week 7 Peer Review.
C. Lane Guenzel/ Your name: Angela Garcia A.

Name of Element:
Comments or Suggestions for Improvement:
Does the paper clearly address a course theme?

Does the paper contain the appropriate number of pages?

Even with corrected formatting it contains the correct amount of pages
Has the correct format been followed (spacing,font, layout)?

Running head is all CAPS, *see below for header directions, it is only supposed to be 1 inch margins
Does the paper contain detailed, convincing language? Are ideas clear and concise?

Very intriguing
Is the amount of development appropriate to convince a reader to do or act differently?

Are you persuaded by the author’s argument; does it move you to think differently about the topic?

I actually thought that we should teach children not to bully but this essay has opened my thoughts on the subject
Are there citations for researched ideas, and are they correct?

Is the References page correctly formatted?

With the exception that the word Reference needs to be centered
Is the paper error-free regarding spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization?

It looks really good.
Are there any other suggestions for improving this paper?

See essay attachment for a few word changes and formatting changes that are suggested.

The way to place a header at the top of the paper in