Against all odds Essay

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Against All Odds

The life of a college student can suddenly change from not knowing what to do to with his life to begging his mother to give him the family’s salad dressing recipe. Today, Greg Vetter the CEO of the fastest growing, healthiest salad dressing is now changing the game in food production, but at one point he felt against all odds.
On a tight schedule, Greg Vetter, now the CEO of Tessemae, was playing college lacrosse while selling insurance. Vetter’s mother would make some salad dressing for the team’s lunch. One day his friend broke into his house, stole his mom’s salad dressing, that’s when Greg Vetter decided that bottling the dressing would be a phenomenal idea.
In order to sell Tessemae’s dressing legally, Greg Vetter had to find a way to find a place to make it, find out how to bottle it, how to get his product in to Whole Food’s and many other things. He had no resources, and without assistance from anyone everything was against him. Vetter found himself using Google to find out how to bottle salad dressing’s. His daytime job was not great, but he was not looking forward to doing the same job everyday for the rest of his life; this was when he decided to work on his idea with desire and ambitious, since sitting at an office was something Vetter did not want doing for the rest of his career.
Tessemae’s dressing is now sold all over the United States, and its reputation keeps rocketing with new flavor dressings, as they know reminisce on how just a couple years ago they were making their dressing after Adams Ribs closed at night. They were able to create, store, ship the dressing, and grow the business financially. Their reputation continues to increase since all of the products are made out off all natural ingredients.