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The Against All Odds Club

In reading the article “Against All Odds Club,” it talks about a couple that’s on vacation. The husband loved the water, so he decided to take an early morning swim on the beach in the ocean. When he arrived at the water he noticed how murky the water was, when normally it had been clear, but he decided to swim anyway. After swimming for a while, he noticed a shark fin coming straight towards him. Trying not to panic, he allowed the shark to swim through his legs, when the side of the shark’s body brushed against his knee, the shark turned around, bit his leg, and snatched him under water. After a few moments of panic, thinking that this would be the end of his life, he decided to fight. He punched the shark directly in the eye and the shark released his leg. After making it to shore, he did a brief analyzes of his leg while asking “Why did this happen to me”? Studies have shown that out of the one in a million chance of a person being struck by lightning, or surviving a terrorist attack, there isn’t a survivor of trauma emerges unchanged, and that there’s even evidence that the greater the severity of the trauma, the greater the potential for post-traumatic growth. Many who survive horrific life changing or life threatening events are often perplexed with questions about fate and luck, and wonder if they were kept alive for a higher purpose. Many people are left to deal with life completely different from how they were once accustomed, but new