Against Dress Code In Schools

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Let’s talk about our Greenbrier Junior High dress code. There are many reasons I am against our dress code and I believe it shouldn’t be so strict. Dress code is a set of rules telling us what we can and cannot wear to school, which I think is absolutely ignorant.
Firstly, we come as students to learn at school and get an education, we don’t come to have our class time taken by teachers who want to stop us in the halls and say “I can see above your knees!’, like OH NO the world is going to end! You can see my shoulders? I can’t learn anymore! It’s retarted, we must be able to get through the day happily and comfortably in our own skin and style. Everyone is very different and some students like to express themselves through what they wear and
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They most likely get in trouble at home too, then they can’t wear what they want anymore and be comfortable at school, it’s all a huge inconvenience. Also, if the parent is at work (MOST LIKELY) and they can’t bring clothes, now it’s time to take a trip to the counselor’s office and dig through old clothes that meets the standards. There goes about 20-30 minutes of valuable class time, a whole lesson missed because you could see a student’s shoulders through a cute cut out shirt that made them happy. Most of the time it’s kids who have never gotten in trouble before and it just ruins their day. Why take the time to do all of this? And if you wear what you’re happy in more than around three times and are caught, you get in school suspension! More class time, gone! What’s the point in all of this? There isn’t one. Our cute holey jeans we girls love aren’t distracting anyone, we just like to wear what we think is cute and not be bothered about it 24/7, let us get to class and stop telling us what we can and cannot wear.
Overall, school dress code is, in my opinion, extremely irrelevant and a huge waste of time. I can understand you can’t show up to school in a bikini, but we can’t even wear shorts when it’s 90 degrees outside! What in the world! If anything, I think our Junior High would be at