Against Legalization of Marijuana Essays

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Against Legalization of Marijuana I don’t believe in the popular idea of marijuana becoming legal. First off, the average age when I was growing to start smoking pot was around 14/15 years old; could you even imagine what the age will be if it became legal? Also, it will be so hard for parents to talk to their kids about not doing drugs if other parents and the government are saying it is okay. Marijuana is known as the “gateway” drug for a reason. For the majority it leaves people with the desire and wonder of trying more. It’s rare to not go from smoking pot to doing other drugs, but if you are content with just marijuana how much are you actually smoking? There are many that smoke and smoke and become so lazy they don’t do much else other than get high all day. Or for anything to be fun, like a concert or a day at the beach, they need to smoke a bowl. On the same subject, I do think that people will begin to smoke more if it does become legal. Moving on to the medical effects, cannabis lowers blood pressure, speeds up heart rate, messes with your motor skills, impairs short term memory, and concentration. It has psychoactive and physiological effects. While normally drugs are classified as stimulants, depressants or hallucinogens, marijuana shows up as all 3…however, leaning mostly towards a hallucinogen. Another point of mine is that far too many people are able to go to phony doctors and get their medical card so they can legally buy marijuana. I know