Against School Gatto Analysis

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In article, “Against School” Gatto says that schools are very boring. He further explains that teachers are bored because of the student’s bad attitude and students are bored because teachers are making them learn things they already know. Gatto says that he is not completely against education he is just against the six classes a day, five days a week, nine months a year, for twelve years’. This schedule is important because students learn new things every day. Schooling may feel long, but it lasts for a just a few years compared to the rest of your life ahead of you. Schools are important for a person’s career because after getting a degree one can get a good job and can enjoy a happy life. A person can be happy because he can afford to do …show more content…
When a person is in school he meets different people and interact or communicate with them every day, they may not realize but those people play an important role in grooming one’s personality. There are a lot of things that you learn every day in school as a kid, learning the way of communicating with people, learning the way to dress formally, and most important of them all learning from others life lessons. When teachers are talking, a student might see that they have a very formal way of communicating with others in school. It does not matter if a student is in an ongoing class or cafeteria those teachers will have good way of communicating. Students learn from those teachers. Teachers in school play an important role because they are the ones responsible for a student’s education and his behavior, which comes in personality. Many schools have strictness for dressing formally. When the teachers scold a student for not getting dressed formally, students are actually learning the way of dressing. The most important of all is that a student learns lessons in school from others life. Students often hear teachers telling their good or bad life experiences. They tell students that this is what they have experienced and one should learn from