Against Standardized Testing Essay

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In today’s educational system, standardized tests are required and signify whether students have the academic requirements to align with the common core standards that most colleges and universities expect. However, many will argue that one test should not determine a person’s whole college career and whether they can excel in life. Standardized tests should be revoked from the school system because of its lack of reliability. Standardized testing is not an effective way to test the skills and academic abilities of modern day students. They do not reveal what a student understands rather only prove if a student can do well on a generic test. Schools and teachers are responsible for preparing students for the next level in their academic career. With standardized tests, many students are being cheated out of years of valuable education and forced to improve their test-taking skills and strategies. It is a flawed system and strategy of testing today's student. Not only is standardized testing an unreliable way of measuring a student’s testing performance, but it only evaluates the proficiency of a student only during the test. Standardized tests affect and hurt any sort of creative and critical thinking, which is a skill that is needed in any sort of college environment. Standardized testing only measures …show more content…
There are many alternatives against this issue like performance-based assessment. It is a better and more suitable way to test students that include essays, projects, presentations, and real-world simulations. It exposes a student’s creative thinking process and potential. A standardized test is largely based on multiple-choice questions, each with only one correct answer. They do not measure the ability of a student to write, use math, and grasp important science concepts that will be reoccurring in their adult