against teen pregnancy Essay

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Against Teen Pregnancy

ajority of the teenager girls that get pregnant are no older than sixteen years old. In that case the teen girls began to drop out of school due to no help. That causes more than half of the teen mothers to graduate high school, and also more than half will be on assistance by the government. Teen mothers get pregnant because they lack of attention they get because of their other siblings in the way. Now girls are brave to say they want a child(ren) because they want a baby or babies.
Some become pregnant because of the sexual intercourse at an early age, majority of them keep the child because of the income of getting an abortion. Even because they do not know how to tell their parents, then they won't be getting the proper amount of nursery care for the mother and child(ren). This is why teenagers shouldn’t be having no child or children at an early age, they are not accurate to take care of a child nor themselves.This topic is very important because teenagers should not be having sex at an early age. Then become pregnant looking for other people to help take care of their responsibility and thinking they going to be on assistance all their life.
They can really prevent having sex and if they was having sex the parents should be more involved. About their kids, or having sex ed in the schools. It is not fair for the other single independent parents doing things on their own with no assistance. It is very important to make it known that having sex as a teenager is not good, because for one you are not emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially ready for a child(ren).